Celebrating the Birth of Baha'u'llah

Today, 12 November, Baha'is around the world celebrate the birth of Baha'u'llah, the prophet founder of the Baha'i Faith.
In this Most Glorious Day, i would like to share with you all, dear family and friends, our joy and happiness with a special poem dedicated specially for the children.
This poem was written by my dear mother in law, Shahla.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.
Wishing you a very very happy celebration!!

Story for Children on the Birth of Baha‘u’llah

Once upon a time,
Under the blue sky,
The space whereupon the birds fly,

A Kind God existed,
From whose grace everything,
And every being has been created.

God is the best friend of children.
O children of the world!
Rejoice your happiness,
It’s the gift of your Lord.

He gave life to creation,
Then; every people in every nation.
The heavenly angels have been made,
Who always come to our aid.

In a big beautiful city,
On a colourful autumn day,
A baby was born,
To show us the way!

In a palace like dwelling,
The angels brought a baby,
Whose Majesty was like a King.

He had beautiful and bright eyes,
From childhood was ever wise,
And His mother said that:
“He never cries!”

The golden crown on His head,
And the heavenly roses adorned His bed.

A smile on His face,
Were as a bloom of flowers,
The glow of His eyes,
Would melt the hearts of His lovers.

He was fast growing.
His Majesty and Power,
With breezes of His love were flowing.

He was singing,
The song of Lord
The song of love,
Melodies from up above.

In all directions was His fame,
Rich and needy alike mentioned His name.

But… Alas…
The sunny day would pass.

One day the unjust,
The jealous people,
Put the Blessed Beauty,
To crisis like hell.

Around His body and neck,
Was place a heavy weighty chain,
That caused the Beloved of the world,
Immense pain.

The imprisonment,
Exile and fetter,
Journey in the snow and rain,
Didn’t make it better.

One day from among the dark days,
The world witnessed,
The Sun with bright rays.

He told the people,
Stop the cries.
With joy of love and Unity,
Open your eyes!

You can now fly,
Free as a bird.
This is a new song,
That no one has heard.

I’ve brought you golden wings,
The joy of thousand springs.

Come and hear My call!
Forget hatred,
War and all.

O, Children…
The angles of this story,
Bestowed upon us,
The King of Glory!

The wicked ones,
Fell in depths of miseries,
We heard on them,
Terrible stories.

Now… shall I tell you,
Who was the King of this story?
Who got victory,
Upon victory?

Who put laughter on our lips,
Brought Roses of happiness,
Heaps and heaps!

Now, it’s upon us,
To wipe everyone’s tears,
To share the message of peace,
So the kingdom of God one earth appears!

And not to rest,
Until we are assured,
The hearts are thrilled,
By the joy of our Lord.

Shahla Ghotbi,
10 November 2007

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