Stand By Me - Andy, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora

Iranian singer Andy sings 'Stand By Me' with superstars Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.

It's pretty cool, both Andy and Jon Bon Jovi starts the song in farsi... check it out!

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Late night happenings...

My neighbours... a couple who just moved in next door... are way too loud!

From the moment they moved in a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that they were loud, specially at night, but I think last night top it all for me!

Last night at 3am i was woken up by loud banging noise, as if someone next door was moving furniture around or something. I immediately thought that there was a robbery next door or something like that, because it really sounded as if someone was throwing things around in the apartment.
I quickly got out of bed with my cellphone in hand, ready to call the cops if necessary... and when I listened closely, I could hear them laugh and talk... I was relieved that is wasn't a robbery but still pretty angry with the loud noise that woke me up...

So I went back to bed and tried to find my sleep back... but to no avail... because around 3.30 am they started to be loud again...
At first, I thought they were having a fight or something because lots of 'F' words were flying around pretty loudly by both of them... but then I realised that no they weren't fighting, they were just hmmmm... how can i say this.... they were just 'having a good time'.... 'getting it going on'.... if you know what I mean....

I was utterly shocked and disgusted by the whole thing... they were really, REALLY loud!! I could hear everything!!! absolutely everything!! lol (I find it funny now, but it really wasn't funny last night... I was sitting in my bed, in total shock at their loudness and the vulgarity of their words in such a moment and hoping and praying that my daughter doesn't wake up and ask me what is going on!!!).

Oh wait, it gets worse....

So after 10 minutes of 'you know what noise' (thank goodness it didn't last long), it got a little bit quieter... the guy went outside for a smoke... how do I know you ask, well... because of all the noise he made unlocking the doors and talking to his wife from outside!

And then a little bit after 4am, they had guests over!! yeah!! GUESTS over at 4am in the morning!! WHO HAS GUEST OVER AT 4AM??????
Sabby's new neighbours of course!!!

They had a couple over, the lady was walking with her high heal shoes all over the place... and I could even hear that!! They were making noise with the dishes, the guys went outside quite often for smokes and while they were out were laughing and talking quite loudly to each other and to the women inside the house....
At least they didn't put the music on and started dancing...

I think I fell back asleep around 5am, even with all the pretty loud noise still going on around me...

I want my old neighbours back!!!

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My daughter is an artist

My darling little girl is a bubbling little artist....

Tonight, after coming back home from the Baha'i 19 Day feast, I was busy typing the feast's suggestions on my computer files when Mona asked if she could do some drawing... I thought ok, that should give me at least 15 minutes to finish my LSA work.

A few minutes later, little miss Mona came to show me her art work.... LO and behold, this is what I saw:

Mona decided that her creative talents are limitless and decided to unleash them on herself... she tried to paint a cat on her face with a PERMANENT MARKER!!!!!!

She even painted her tongue!! HER TONGUE PEOPLE!!!!!!

It took me 30 minutes to rub the thing off her cheeks... and still her cheeks are light pink!!

I have nothing else to say other than this is what you get when you leave a 3 year old girl to do an unsupervised art activity!!!!! LOL!!

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Funny and cute sayings...

I need to write these down before I forget them, it's mostly for me....

Mona has been saying a lot of cute and very funny things lately.... I love how her speech and vocabulary is expanding each day and how she uses them correctly.... it's a joy to have little 'chats' (as she likes to call them) with her.

(Mona's first 'ABC' letters - writing lesson with mum!)

Me asking Mona: "What would you like to eat for dinner honey?"
Mona answered: "Mummy cook pasta please, you are a good cooker!"

My daughter thinks I'm a good cooker! Isn't that awesome! lol...

(Mona eating Miso Soup and Sushi @ the Sushi Bar)

Mona wanting to sing in the microphone while watching her tv shows, so I gave her the microphone and she took it in the living and came back two seconds later and asked:
"Mummy where is the plug for the microphone? There is no plugger in the living room!"

NO PLUGGER!! I was shocked... i mean we need a plugger for the microphone dear heavens!!! lol
Early one morning, Mona got out of bed, came right up to my face, stroke my cheeks gently, and said in a very soft and gently voice (her niece voice as she likes to call it):
"I was wondering if you can put the cartoons and playschool and backyardigans and little Einsteins and cartoons again on for me please." and then gave me the biggest grin ever!
She was so irresistible that I jumped right out of bed, gave her a big kiss and put the tv on for her!

Can you believe what she said!?! She used the word "I was wondering" in it's right context! And she only just turned 3 years old like not even 3 months ago!!!

(Mona, pretending to read one of mum's books!)

We've got this cute little game between us when we say 'I love you' to each other, and it goes a little something like this:

Mona: "I love you mummy!"
Me: "I love you too Mona!"
Mona: "I love you more mummy!"
Me: "No, I love you more and more Mona!"
Mona: "No mummy, Iiiiiiiiii Love you MORE (almost yelling on the word more)!!
Me: "No, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you more, for always and forever!"
Mona: "No Iiiiiiiii love you forever and in the whole world!!!"
and even before I get the change to reply back, she says: "I win!"

(Mona and me)

During toilet training...

Me explaining to Mona that nappies are for babies and that big girls wear underwear and that when she stops wearing nappies, she will be able to do the things that big girls do, like go to school and make new friends at school, and do lots of crafts and play with the other children at school. Because I told her that she cannot go to school if she is still wearing nappies and that she needs to become a big girl to go to school. She doesn't like it when I tell her that she is a baby! lol...

Mona replies back by saying: "I am a big girl mummy, and big girls wears nappies, babies wear underwears!"
When I told her again that she cannot go to school if she is wearing nappies because there is no one there to change your nappy. The teacher takes the big girls to the toilet, not change their nappy, she answered: "You can come with me to school to change my nappy!"

(Mona pretending to be a lion with the brand new toilet seat!)

I finally decided that it was useless discussing this subject with her, because she will always come up with a pretty good comeback and I won't know how to reply back!! (3 year olds do have a lot of comebacks, believe me!! lol)
So, now I just do the toilet training... no more nappies.... end of discussion.
(I have actually hidden them in one of the top shelf of the cupboard and told her that there is no nappies left, only underwears! lol... seems to be working right now...)

And my favourite of the moment:

At very random and odd times and places, Mona will say to me:
"Mummy I love you soooooo much! I miss you soooo much!! You are the best mummy in the whole world!" (she uses her hands to show me how big the whole world is.... so cute!).
And it just melts inside when I hear her say it and I just want to squeeze her little cuteness and kiss her to infinity!! I love my daughter!

(Mona and her baby 'Alice')

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Vlog # 2 - Mona & Sabby - May 09

The Adventures Continues....

Here is our video blog no 2 and it's an update of what we've been up to at the end of May 2009.
Mostly having fun at Rundle Mall on Saturdays, Mona loves to go there to see the different shows that are on, specially the 'Statue Lady' which she loves to watch but is still a bit intimidated by her... and she also loves loves, absolutely loves going in the lift that is outside of one of the building in Rundle Mall where you can actually see the outside Mall... and of course not to mention going into the big toy shop 'ToyRus'!

Also in the video, bus trip, dinner with family, face painting for which I had to pay for the very first time and which was a total epic fail, because firstly Mona didn't like it and had me remove it from her face literally seconds after it was painted on her face, and secondly because it was and look really bad... the lady was trying to paint her face just like her little 'Hello Kitty' plush toy that she had with her, but like I said, it was an epic fail!!
And there are also some more funnies and sillies that Miss Mona did this past few weeks and on the second part of the video, you can hear Mona in the background singing 'Tiny Seed' from Dawnbreakers Collective.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as i did creating it... (using Corel Video Studio and as you can see tried a lot of different things lol)...

Thanks for watching and take care everyone!

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Celebration of the Declaration of the Bab

Oh dear heavens!! It's finally done!!
The video for the celebration of the Declaration of the Bab that is....

I've been struggling to make this video since the 23rd of May!! Windows Movie maker (the program i use to make videos) just doesn't want to work anymore... I've download quite a few other programs that wasn't quite as good, till finally two friends (Daniel and Matt) recommended Corel Video Studio. Thanks for your help guys!

So here is the video of our little Baha'i Community's celebration of the Declaration of the Bab which was held on Friday 22 May 2009.

The video starts with an Intro from Mona naturally..... and the actual celebration started with dinner, then the program consisted of readings from the Baha'i Holy Writings. Michel (the French man) did the chairing and I did the readings. In the middle of our first readings, Mona who was sitting with a friend of mine, came running to me at the stage.... she stayed there the entire time!! lol...
The Baha'i Rock Band 'Hidden Cords' did a great performance on that night. They sang prayers and other songs in between each readings. And during their final song, Mona got up and started to dance.... so typical of her! She actually wanted to go sing on the stage with the band.... she told everyone at the beginning of the celebration that she wanted to go and sing with the band... but she chickened out at the end... lol
And we ended the celebration with tea and sweets and lovely chats...

We were really happy of the overall outcome of the celebration, we are a very small Baha'i Community and we wanted something big and dignified for this celebration and it was just that!
Lots of friends from the neighboring communities came and they all brought along some friends too. The night was a great success and the Local Spiritual Assembly was very happy and thankful to everyone who help us make this night a success.

Hope you enjoy the little montage I made, keep in mind that I'm just learning and experimenting still with Corel Video Studio.... not so happy about the outcome.. but their must be a first in everything right!

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