Conversations with God

Today, while walking back from the doctor's office, Mona and I was chatting about stuff.
Usually Mona doesn't like to hold our hands when walking outside, she is very independent and proudly claims so! She will only hold our hands when crossing the road, or when mummy and daddy think it's appropriate, like when there is a huge crowd etc...

So while walking back together she reached out her little hand and grab mine and said:

Mona: I need to hold your hands to get more leg power, so we can walk faster you know!
I thought that statement was quite interesting and funny and wanting to know more, I asked her:
More leg power honey, how does that work? How do we get more leg power by holding hands?
Mona replied: When we hold hands our blood touches inside our hands and that creates more energy and it goes to our legs and gives us leg power!
Me (intrigued): Hmmm, that's interesting! Where did you learn this honey, who told you this is how we get leg power?
Mona: God!
Me: God! Really?
Mona: Yep! God tells me everything you know!
Me: Oh ok, that must be nice! Do you talk to God a lot?
Mona: Yes, everyday all of the time!
Me: Wow, that's so cool.... So what is God like? Do you see God when you talk to him.
Mona: Sometimes! Sometimes I see God and sometimes He is in my tummy!
Me (absolutely loving this conversation by now!): So what does God look like? Is God a man or a lady?
Mona: God is a Man, just like a daddy you know, but a bit older. He is like my grandfather you know and He is really gentle when He talks to me! I like talking to God and telling Him stuff you know!
Me: Yes honey, I know. I love talking to God too.
Mona: I like talking to God's mum too! She is really nice too!
Me (totally surprised): God has a mum!?
Mona (laughing): Yes, God has a mum! Everyone has a mum! You're silly mum!
Me: Wow! So God has mum!! That's so great!!

I bend down and gave my nearly four year old daughter a big kiss, and we happily went along with the rest of our day, still holding hands all the way home...

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Mona, Age 3 - March 2010