"God is the Best" - Mona's song

A few days ago, Mona came up to me and said that she had a new song that she absolutely wanted to sing for me!

She often do this, I mean make up her own songs and tunes, or even poems or stories. What can I say, she loves rhyming, it's in the family!

So Mona started to sing her new song which is called "God is the Best" and it was absolutely brilliant and funny! Unfortunately the video camera was not at hand, but I did manage to quickly type down the lyrics of her song on my laptop while she was singing!

Dear lucky readers, without further ado, I present to you Mona's new song, "God is the Best" (without the tune, I'm sorry but you'll have to imagine a very enthusiastic tune with lots of clapping!):

by Mona Mortazavi (4 years old)

Who made the world?
Who made all the countries?
Now we know, who made the world!

God made the world, God made the countries!
God made everything and you and me too!
But no one ever see God! No one knows who is God?
If you have a picture, that's the best!
Because I don't know,
Who made God and who made Baha'u'llah and all the rest!

God is the best! God is the best!
God is everywhere!
He is the only one who can be everywhere and not us!

You can touch him if you touch your heart,
Because God is in your heart too!
And God is in your head and your little nose!
And God is inside the moon and inside the world!

God is the best! God is the best!
He made the future,
And he made trees and the countries!
God is the best!
God is the best!

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 Mona, Age 4 - August 2010