Mona's first school's Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Learning

This past Thursday Mona came back home with her very first school certificate!!
She was super happy and all excited about it and I was so happy to see her that excited.
After our short burst of joy and excitement, when we finally calmed down, I asked her to tell me the story of how she got the certificate and this is what Mona told me happened:

"That day, there was school Assembly and all the kids were sitting in the big hall, everybody was there, the Principal, the teachers, and all the kids.
The principal of the school was calling the good kids on the stage to give them a certificate because they had been good boys and girls.
In my class, Charlie and me were the only kids to be called up on the stage!
I don't remember what she was saying about us, because there was so much noise, but I heard my name and the teacher told me to go on stage to get my certificate. And that's it!!"

She asked me to put the certificate on the fridge, so we can see it everyday!

I am so proud of my big girl, not even two weeks in, and she is already getting awards and certificates!
I hope they keep coming baby, 
cause you make mama and papa proud of you!
Good job honey!

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Love of my life...

I don't remember what my life was like before I became a mother!
I mean sure, I do remember what I was doing back then but I honestly don't remember the feeling anymore...
In March 2006, a little creature we shall call Mona, arrived into my arms at the break of dawn. Oh what a precious little angel!! 
My eyes stung with tears of  joy, my lips bursting out praises and gratitude to the Lord - and all the while staring at her precious little face and her eyes wide open - she wasn't a stranger to me, but instead someone I had always known... in my dreams... in my heart... in my forever!!!

Ah motherhood! It's hard isn't it?!! 
I find a new challenge every single day, but I also find many victories both large and small.
And when my little one opened up my bedroom door this past Mother's day morning with a big smile on her face bearing her gifts of gratitude to the awesomeness of her mother (because let's be honest - we are all rock stars in their eyes if only for a short while!), I couldn't help but remember that moment of looking into her face for the very first time and seeing my forever... when the rest of my world got tucked away into the faded memory box!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day filled with the beauty of a homemade card, the delight of a slightly overcooked breakfast, the happiness of a present you always wanted and the heartwarming feeling of those tiny arms wrapped around you in an expression of pure love!

We are all so very fortunate - us women, to experience this. No book could ever prepare your heart for this journey!!  
We attend to, baby sit, care, consider, foster, keep an eye on, keep tabs on, look after, mind, minister, mother, nurse, nurture, pray for, pay attention to, protect, provide for, take pains, tend, treasure, wait on, watch over, have countless sleepless nights...... just another day of being a fabulous mom!

And I can't wait to start this adventure all over again, while doubling the fun!!!

Happy Mother's Day to every 'Rock Stars' out there!

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Big Girl's School

 Monday 2nd May 2011, the day Mona officially joined the 'Big Kids School Club'! If you don't know what I am talking about, well yesterday was actually her first full day at Primary School, she is in Reception Year.

 It was a smooth sailing day...
We woke up early, got ready, had breakfast together and talked about what we were expecting of the day!

 Like I said, it was a smooth sailing day...
No cries, no tears, no fears...
neither from Mona, nor mum, nor dad..
 I've never seen anyone THAT excited to go to school...
she was so happy, exuberantly happy, and so impatient to get there!!
One of the most exciting part of being at this particular school, is for one the location, the fact that it is just a few minutes walk from our house is awesome!
The school is among the best rated school in South Australia. It comprises a harmonious multicultural community where diversity is valued withing a family friendly atmosphere. Parents are encouraged to participate in and volunteer for different activities in their child's classroom.
The fact that the Principal was happy to know that we are Baha'is, and when she learned that we were Baha'is, she proceeded to assured me that her school is very proud in encouraging moral values in everyday school life.

And the most exciting part for Mona, is that they teach Chinese (Mandarin) at this school. The School also offers an international study program as well as a primary and secondary study aboard program.
Mona actually had her first class of Mandarin on her first day of school.

Here in Australia, we have Reception Year, which is a preparatory class for children aged 5 to 6.
It is the first year of Primary School,(actually named Junior Primary School in South Australia) and is followed by Year 1 and Year 2.
Year 3 to Year 7 is called Primary School, which is then followed by High School (Secondary School) from Year 8 to Year 12.

Pupils start school either in the term or in the year in which they reach five, and have to do at least 3 terms of Reception before moving to Year 1.

So luckily for Mona, since she turned five last March, she only had to do 3 terms in Reception before moving up to Year 1. Whereas children born after March, have to do 2 terms and a full year in Reception before being able to move to Year 1.

As we embark on this new journey and phase of our lives, which we are sure is going to be exhilarating, with lots of ups and downs... we hope you enjoyed the pictures of Mona's first day of Primary School, as much as we enjoyed seeing her blossom into this young lady she is becoming!

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